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How to Apply

Please fill out the "Strain Distribution Request Form (click to download)", and if required by the distribution terms and conditions set in the RMRC database, provide Depositor's Distribution Approval either as personal signature in the form or a separate written consent.

Submit those required documents to bujiii@nlac.narl.org.tw, and we will have our representative contact you.

Quantity of Animals for Distribution

Animals provided per request:

1.  Live animal: At most two pairs of live animals will be provided. Please contact bujiii@nlac.narl.org.tw for any further request.
2.  Recovered animal:All recovered litters will be provided after weaning. At least one pair of recovered animals is guaranteed per surrogate female.
3.  Cryopreserved embryos: One vial with 50 embryos will be provided, in addition to a vial with 20 embryos of C57BL/6 for control.

International customers will bear the fees for RMRC distributed materials and handling sevice, which does not include any fee charged for freight, bank service, or currency exchange.

Should there be any questions, please feel free to contact Sandy Hsu: bujiii@nlac.narl.org.tw, Thank you.

Service Price
RMRC distributed materials According to website of each strain
Service fee 235USD